Milton Glaser is an American graphic designer, famously known for his I Hart NY logo.

He attended the High School of Music and Art, the Cooper Union art school in New York, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy.

Glaser has created over 300 posters throughout his career. One that he is known for is his Bob Dylan poster. The poster was created for Bob Dylan’s greatest hits album in 1967. The poster had individual shapes that came in different colors of the rainbow for hair and one of Glaser’s own typeface designs called Baby teeth, that spelled “Bob Dylan” in the lower right corner. Because of the poster and many of his other works he became  well known and was asked to create the New York logo.

In the late 1970’s the city of New York was declining. Between the financial crisis, high crime rates, and damages from the blackouts, it led to a belief that New York City was in an “irreversible decline.” By the end of the 1970’s, nearly a million people had left, but Glaser stayed.

The New York tourism office launched an ad campaign where a jingle writer was commissioned to help rebrand New York and “make the slogan sing.” In 1977 Glaser was asked to create a logo to help with the regeneration of New York. After working on the “I love New York” logo for two weeks  the idea for the design we see today came to him while sitting in the back seat of a taxi. With a red crayon and scrap piece of paper, he created one of the most successful logos.

Throughout his career, Glaser has worked on a number of projects. In 1954 after graduating from the Cooper Union in New York City, he co-founded Push Pin Studios along side with Reynold Ruffins, Seymour Chwast, and Edward Sorel. In 1968 Glaser and Clay Felker founded the New York Magazine. Milton Glaser, Inc. was established in 1974 and is still producing work today.

Glaser has done much more in design, from teaching to publications. He was awarded the national medal of arts in 2009 from former president Barack Obama, making him the first graphic designer to receive this award. Glaser will always be remembered for his I HART NY and is an icon in creative history.

Client Profile

Date: 2016
Reach: Nation wide
Focus: Sports


When we first saw The Alamo City Aztecs they already had a pretty solid grip on social media. They looked like a team that did everything the right way. They had public events for the players when they signed their contracts. There was a ton of community service lined up for the team. Everything just looked good from the outside looking in. All they needed was a graphic design company to push them over the top. They trusted us to guide and take lead of their overall brand. What was the challenge? How do you let the city know that this team is serious? How do you show the community that they can trust these young men who want to serve them well? We just told their story and let the rest fall in place.




Like most clients who come to us wanting the best looking website and awesome collateral, we needed to get some good photography. Once we had some awesome pictures (by Chris Saucedo) we wanted to let the city know about this team. We put together a media guide that had the history of the team, roster and coaches bios. Those images from the photoshoot also gave us content to boost their social media. Each player had a poster showing their number and a short bio of where they are from and the position they play on the court.







The media guide was a success. The guide created a buzz and got other local teams to step up their game from a branding standpoint. It was a great first impression of the team on paper. No team has ever brought that level of professional marketing to the table. The social media graphics allowed the Aztecs to make a connection to the community before tipoff. The crowd knew who were the hometown players and their names. The North American Basketball League just named the Aztecs the best branded basketball team in the league. We are honored to be part of that recognition.


Starlight Homes called us to bring some life to their website. They are one of the best assisted living companies in the city and needed to show that with their online presence. Starlight Homes employs competent, caring and well trained individuals who are responsive to the needs of each patient, their families and the communities that they serve. We gave them a custom built WordPress site, not a downloaded theme that was edited.

VentureLab is a hands-on innovation and entrepreneurship program that teaches young people to be next generation innovators and entrepreneurs through inspiration, experiential learning and mentorship. They needed a major upgrade to the interior design of the space. They called TMac Design and we got together to create an atmosphere that works for the kids and also the parents who are checking it out.



Have you ever thought about how much money you would save if your house stayed cooler or hotter in the winter just from replacing your windows? Nope, I did not either until I started working for Roy and Eco Home Solutions. He can help you save so much money with some simple changes to your windows and patio cover. He also does gutters and siding. Roy needed a site that was clean and easy to use. It is super mobile friendly and built with WordPress that will allow him to make changes. If you want to work with good people that provide a great service, call Roy today.

Client Profile

Date: 2015
Reach: Texas
Focus: Church


I heard Robert Emmitt preach about using your talents for the Lord. That same day I went to the marketing director at Community Bible Church (CBC) and told her to use me if you need me. Little did I know that she would throw at me the 25 year celebration of one of the largest churches in the city. Our family has been at CBC for 9 years and I was excited to finally do some work in the church.

I had the challenge to create a logo that would reflect CBC with the anniversary and carry that across a bible cover, interactive website and large timeline mural.



How do you tell the story of a church that started 25 years ago? You let the members share their memories and tell a story of how the church made an impact in their lives. We built a site that will allow you to tell that story through a simple written testimony, an image or a video. The site was populated with material from church including some video testimonies from the staff.

At the bottom of the site is a timeline highlighting key moments of CBC. It starts off by mentioning the person who inspired Robert and Julie Emmitt to even start Community Bible Church.


Timeline Mural

After going through hundreds of pictures we had to design a timeline through images that show the growth of the church and also illustrate how God has blessed so many lives at CBC. The timeline will have elements added to it over time. We will start off with the duotone college of images with certain pics cutout on foam core to add some depth to the mural. The logo has a brush metal finish so that it stands out in front of the vinyl art behind it.