Starlight Homes called us to bring some life to their website. They are one of the best assisted living companies in the city and needed to show that with their online presence. Starlight Homes employs competent, caring and well trained individuals who are responsive to the needs of each patient, their families and the communities that they serve. We gave them a custom built WordPress site, not a downloaded theme that was edited.

Have you ever thought about how much money you would save if your house stayed cooler or hotter in the winter just from replacing your windows? Nope, I did not either until I started working for Roy and Eco Home Solutions. He can help you save so much money with some simple changes to your windows and patio cover. He also does gutters and siding. Roy needed a site that was clean and easy to use. It is super mobile friendly and built with WordPress that will allow him to make changes. If you want to work with good people that provide a great service, call Roy today.

Client Profile

Date: 2015
Reach: Texas
Focus: Church


I heard Robert Emmitt preach about using your talents for the Lord. That same day I went to the marketing director at Community Bible Church (CBC) and told her to use me if you need me. Little did I know that she would throw at me the 25 year celebration of one of the largest churches in the city. Our family has been at CBC for 9 years and I was excited to finally do some work in the church.

I had the challenge to create a logo that would reflect CBC with the anniversary and carry that across a bible cover, interactive website and large timeline mural.



How do you tell the story of a church that started 25 years ago? You let the members share their memories and tell a story of how the church made an impact in their lives. We built a site that will allow you to tell that story through a simple written testimony, an image or a video. The site was populated with material from church including some video testimonies from the staff.

At the bottom of the site is a timeline highlighting key moments of CBC. It starts off by mentioning the person who inspired Robert and Julie Emmitt to even start Community Bible Church.


Timeline Mural

After going through hundreds of pictures we had to design a timeline through images that show the growth of the church and also illustrate how God has blessed so many lives at CBC. The timeline will have elements added to it over time. We will start off with the duotone college of images with certain pics cutout on foam core to add some depth to the mural. The logo has a brush metal finish so that it stands out in front of the vinyl art behind it.




Sometimes you get to meet some really cool people. Lori from Taste Elevated found me and I was able to help her manage her existing website. The business kept growing and now you can get Taste Elevated products in Central Market. Taste Elevated has chutneys and seasonings and brings fresh flavor to your food. We got the opportunity to redesign their site and bring some fresh flavor from a digital point of view!


This was a cool colabo with Travis over at 3rd ID. We have been working with the good people at Republic Tequila for over 3 years now.  This is the second generation site for them.  When you find great clients…keep them.


Client Profile

Date: 2014
Reach: Texas
Focus: Pool Industry


Keith Zars Pools wanted a Drupal website that was not from a previous theme. They also needed that site to have the tools in place to continue the strong search engine optimization efforts and keep them on page one. After the site was built it needed to have a payment option for customers and a flexible support ticketing system that would create unique ticket numbers for service requests. This ticketing system needed to also sync up with their internal database and working together. Being able to handle complex configurations like this is one of strengths of J 12 Designs and truly separates us from the rest.



The first thing we did was design a site that would make you say, “I want that pool”. We worked with the Keith Zars team to make sure we were displaying their product the way they wanted. We developed a custom them inside of Drupal that was built to handle their particular system. A mobile version of the site was built for cell phones. This mobile site has all of the content from the desktop version. We programed it to switch themes depending on what device you are on, making it very Google friendly by not having duplicate content.

We worked with their current merchant account and set up a simple payment portal on the site. You never leave the site during the payment process. You can also order chemical products online and built the management system in Drupal so that they can change out prices and products without having to call us.

The ticketing system was linked directly to their existing database. I unique number is assigned to the customer and that number is sent to their internal system. Everyone is alerted of the service request instantly and Keith Zars Pools can immediately give their clients a high level of customer service.


Yep, still on top of the search engine listings! Keith Zars Pools is the #1 pool company in San Antonio and #4 in the nation. They now have a site that backs it up. They are accepting payments from cliets successfully while answering tickets with an efficient system.