Interior Design / Office Space

Another category of design would be interior design. It all started during my time at Rackspace. I would design wall graphics to help make our space a cool work environment. I work close with the real estate team at Rackspace and they will give me a theme to design off of. I come in after the architect has given the plans. I will take those plans and design on top of it. Sometimes we want to add something cool to an area and then there are times where we actually tell a story. The Rackspace office in San Francisco is based on old patents and inventors. One of the areas is dedicated to Augusta Lovelace who wrote the first computer program years before the computer was invented. Her room is highlighted by a hidden room that you can’t see until the door is opened.

Its always a challenge working with large graphics. There is a lot of trial and error while figuring out how clear graphics will be when you are printing on 30ft walls and billboards. Signs by Tomorrow and Cold Fire Signs are a few companies who we work with that produce great products and provide excellent installation.

San Francisco, Virginia, Atlanta, New York, and now London are just a few places that we have office space interior design projects. I work close with TMac Design who is the back bone in getting these projects done and in a timely manner.

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