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I did not ask to be the “restaurant website guy”. It just kinda happened that way. I did a cool flash website for Rosarios and Silo back in 2002. After that, everyone started calling me to work on their sites. One of the things I realized was that the user could not taste the food while looking at the website. My job was to make the consumer say “wow, that is a cool place” and “I want to go there”. If I did that, then I did my job. 16 years later I am still called on by some of the top restaurants in town who trust me to guide them with their digital presence.

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If you are a restaurant owner and you don’t have mobile website, then you are not connecting with your potential customers. Everyone is on the go now and we all use our cell phones and tablets to quickly get information. Something as simple as wondering what time you close or what you have on your menu needs to given to your customers quickly and clearly. Learn more about our mobile website design.