San Antonio Website Hosting

I have about 7 years of experience working at the best hosting company in the world. Rackspace Managed Hosting has taught me a lot about not only hosting but developing and designing good websites. I started as an intern at Rackspace and worked my way up to a full time graphic designer. My first responsibility was to model and render servers. Back in 1999, there were not a lot of places that had libraries of server images. I was so good at 3d, they gave me the task of rendering the servers from the ground up and I ended up producing some of the earliest server graphics on the web. I then started working on the site and in 2006 I joined the Rackspace Cloud team.

Cloud hosting is still term that people are trying to figure out. It is kinda like shared hosting, but think of it like this. Instead you and 1,000 other people sharing one server (shared hosting), your one website is being backed up by 1,000 servers (cloud hosting). I have my own server at Rackspace so you will reap the benefits of having Fanatical Support, but without paying the regular cost. Feel free to email or call to ask questions about hosting.