Bartlett Cocke: Case Study

Client Profile

Date: 2009
Reach: Texas
Focus: Construction Industry


While working with The Atkins Group as Interactive Director I was given the task of repairing a site that was built on a framework called Cake PHP. I looked to Travis Linares to help fix hundreds of bugs and issues. The website was made to help Bartlett Cocke manage internal projects and allow its employees to communicate and stay connected outside of the office. It would serve as a resource that contractors would have in the palm of their hands to talk to other Bartlett Cocke employees and to get advice on projects. This is an example how we are called to fix existing problems.


Travis and our team rewrote the PHP and set them in the right direction. We built a messaging portal on the site where Bartlett Cocke employees and send text and images online, similar to a chat program. There is an employee directory that can easily be managed with the constant changing in staff. Users can upload documents and give advice on past projects which gives great insight into new projects.

With hundreds of articles and page views a day you can say that Bartlett Cocke is using the system well and saving time and money from an internal management side of things.