Alamobowl 2023

Event Photography: Im gonna start sharing the lessons and obstacles of each event. Walk with me on this journey. I got to shoot the Alamobowl for the 3rd time. I had two cameras on me and one of them started to malfunction halfway into the game. Im surrounded by other professional photographers and I could have just tried to fix it myself, instead I asked for help and found out it was nothing I did wrong, but a mechanical error. The other thing that was unique about this year was I assigned a certain part of the field. I was not able to move around like I usually do and follow the game. This brought many challenges. I had a decision to make. I could cry about it and complain all night OR I can say that Im going to find every shot and find every angle from this one spot…and kill it. Lesson, you always have a decision. I chose to get to my mind right and make it happen.


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