The Villa Shanghai

This project was truly a blessing to me and my team! Im over here thinking I can approach this like any other web project that comes through the door, but little did I know I was about to have a crash course in “How to build a website for another country”.  At first we thought we could just copy and paste some Chinese characters and that would be enough. We quickly learned about censorship laws in China and then everything started to change. Thank God we worked with such an amazing client like Sara Villarreal. She was very patient as we worked our way through the site using her server company in China rather than using our normal Rackspace Cloud platform. We ended up with a great site that works well in both English and Chinese. Her brands section has a custom content management system. The Villa team can edit every part of the website on their end.

Sara’s father Jose Villarreal did some research and found us online. After we talked he gave us the chance to work on this project and we thank him for this great opportunity to build this website.