The Apple Watch is here

Let’s start off by understanding that I love Apple products. I am writing this article from my beautiful MacBook Pro and just unplugged my iPad while watching my wife check her social media on her iPhone 6, which reminds that I need to say hi to mom who may be reading this from her iPad mini. I feel that Apple has changed the way in which we are connected and how we interact with other people. They have given everyone else the blueprint into the future of technology and design. The new Apple Watch is a beautiful piece of work. Nothing from Apple surprises me in the area of designing something amazing.


With all that being said, my feeling is the Apple Watch has nothing to do with the design of the watch. It is more about “why” it exists. I have talked to experts in my field of app development/design and got some interesting feedback. Some people love that they are able to instantly get notifications from email and text. They say it will be a lot easier to look at their wrist and get a quick snapshot of the communication while in a meeting. The watch allows you to connect with your audience without pulling out your large iPhone 6 or Note4 flat screen “tv phone” that everyone makes fun of but everyone wants. Ok, ok—back to the watch. Im just saying.


What am I really saying? My whole beef with the Apple Watch is that I really do not want to be connected as much as Apple thinks I should or want to be. I enjoy putting my phone away to be able to connect with a real human being, even if its for an hour while in a meeting. I already have a problem with constantly checking my phone and logging into Facebook 35 times a day and Instagram 87 times an hour. With the Apple Watch I would be looking at my wrist so much I might develop some kind muscle/bone disorder from turning my wrist to my face every five minutes trying to see who has sent me a message or email. And I hope they send a short email/text since I only have about 95×118 pixels of space to read something.


I spent some time at the Apple store playing with the Apple Watch and it was fun. It was fun for about 2 minutes. Then it was frustrating using the little wheel and then trying to click on little circles that represent all the apps on the watch. I can imagine my best friend who plays professional football trying to use the watch with his huge fingers. But who cares about people with big fingers? Right? And bad eye sight? You don’t need to be on the phone if you can’t see. But if you do have great eyesight and little fingers, just turn in your iPhone6 because this watch is all you need. Oh, wait — you need the phone so that the watch can work…soooo just keep it in your pocket and use both of your hands to navigate this small screen instead of pulling out your phone. Let me stop here cause I am starting to get away from the point. My point is that maybe I want to disconnect sometimes.