Web Design

At J 12 Designs we specialize in innovative web site design. Our mission is to combine impeccable design standards with the expertise of in-house developers and programmers to create visually stunning, effective and engaging websites. Whether you’re starting from scratch, re-designing an existing website, upgrading for e-commerce, or developing a whole new branding package, J 12 Designs will develop a custom solution to fit your needs and your budget.

Design refers to the visual look and feel of a website, to how the graphic design elements – color scheme, images, animations, fonts, logos, decorative patterns, etc. – are integrated into the overall layout, organization and functionality of the site. At J 12 Designs we take the vision that a customer has and bring it to life.

I have made a pretty good name for myself in San Antonio for web design. For a while I was designing a lot of sites for restaurants. The sites I made really captured the essence of the restaurant and it was only a matter of time before I had 6 restaurant sites under my belt. Some of the sites are places you may have been, Rosarios, Silo, La Fogata, Tomatillo’s, Lisa’s Mexican and Scenic Loop Cafe.

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