Design is Important

Over the last decade, I was fortunate to work with hundreds of different companies throughout my career in hosting, sales and web design.  Finding the right website solution can be challenging for most, especially for those with a limited budget, resources, and knowledge about what is needed.  Whether you decide to go with an inexpensive “Do it yourself” solution like SquareSpace or Wix or you decide to go with a dedicated custom solution, the design of your website is important.

Why is design important

Like interviewing for a job position, you want to dress to impress and outshine the rest of the applicants.  When potential customers find you online, more than likely they are shopping around evaluating and comparing you to your competitors.  This is your opportunity to set yourself apart.  

Building a marketing strategy around a poorly designed website will only cause you to waste your money and miss out on qualified leads. It can also create a poor reputation for your company.  

 Here’s a couple of tips to help you:

Make it easy for your customer to understand what you do
Keep your content concise and relevant

So how do you avoid throwing your money in the trash?  The first thing I think about is my personal experience looking for services. You don’t have to be an expert to determine what is common sense.  Think about what your audience will want to know and what you would want your customers to know.