WordPress Experts

WordPress is a great platform to build a simple site or blog, which will give you control of the content of the site. Of course I could build you a custom content management system for your site, but that costs more to build from the ground up. WordPress is basically a blog driven framework that allows you to login and edit your site.

There are thousands of WordPress themes that makes your blog look more like a website. However, we have been leaning on our own custom themes rather than downloading a random template that could give you problems down the road. Our custom themes cost more than the templates that you can download from another site, but will take away all the headache you may have in the long run. Let us talk to you about a custom WordPress design.

I can get a WordPress site up and running in a matter of minutes. With the help of the Rackspace Cloud I can have your database up, domain name linked and admin panel up and running for you in no time. This site is a WordPress site!

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