Rebels and Dreamers

Professional Web Design and Marketing Agency in San Antonio

We are more than just web designers in San Antonio. Designers are pretty-makers. We know this, we used to do that.

We’ve evolved. We help businesses grow and be more innovative by helping them understand their customers. We help them talk to their audience in a genuine and relatable way. J 12 Designs will give you the best shot at attracting and keeping your customers. These are the people who make it happen.

James Lewis, Jr. – Designer / Owner

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Graphic Design from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, I jumped in to website design and maintenance at Rackspace Managed Hosting. I started working with a small, but highly talented team troubleshooting, designing, and promoting Rackspace — which is today one of the largest web hosting companies in the world.

For more than 16 years, I have been called upon by some cool clients to create websites — the San Antonio Spurs, Rackspace, Rosario’s Mexican Restaurant, Silo Elevated Cuisine — just to name a few.

What separates me from the rest of the pack is my experience working with some of the brightest minds at Rackspace. Working with people like Todd Morey and Johathan Byrce have helped me understand how to “build” a good website. Aside from being grounded in the web hosting environment, I have also had the pleasure of working with some great designers like Michael Karshis. Working side-by-side with creative gurus helps me think not only out side the box, but it helps me think about why the box exists. It’s not good enough to just make something cool. Anyone can make something cool. Good design is when you make the complicated seem simple!

Anthony Vitale – Designer / Programmer

Born and raised in Austin, I ended up in San Antonio after spending 5 years down at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. From being in almost every field of work from co-owning a custom pool design and cleaning business, to working as a therapist in a children’s hospital, to working with Amazon and their cloud, I’ve always had an itch to be a designer like my grandfather who designed some classic logos like Mr. Gattis. I’ve had a lot of experience working with and for different people, so I am always up for any challenge. I’m excited to get to work on projects and use my past experiences to create and designs things from logos to merch.

H. Michael Karshis – Sr. UX Designer

Artist and graphic designer H. Michael Karshis (the H is for Henry) was born in the U.K., educated in Boston, and currently lives the good life and works here in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. Combining collaged rescued ephemera, found objects and large scale photography, Karshis’ oeuvre includes prints and audio experimentation. He is a friend, mentor and master teacher of J 12 Designs founder James Lewis.

Tricia Macmanus – Swiss Army Knife

Tricia has been referred to as a “Swiss Army Knife” by colleagues as she tends to learn and retain a wide assortment of skills, seeking out challenges that need creative solutions. She is known for her creative problem-solving skills and her ability to see things others don’t. Her experience is both broad and deep — having played pivotal roles in marketing and workplace experience, leading her own marketing business, and advising organizations on employee experience and change management. She has a great ability to create clarity and purpose when the team is faced with ambiguity. She played a central role in converting a 1.2M square foot abandoned shopping mall into a one-of-a-kind, award-winning workplace. Tricia has guided and inspired developers, writers, designers and event planning staff.

D’Nessa Franklin – Graphic Designer

I started college studying Business at San Antonio College, eventually getting an Associate of Applied Science in Business. Thereafter, I transferred to the University of Texas at San Antonio with the goal of obtaining my Bachelors in Marketing. To say the least, I realized soon that career path didn’t offer me much in the way of creativity that I had hoped. So, with no more time to waste, I transferred back to San Antonio College and changed my major to Communication Design. I’m now in the home stretch of completing my Associate of Applied Science degree, and with all the knowledge I’ve gained from the guidance of my professors, I was able to earn an internship here at J 12. This opportunity is very exciting and I feel very lucky to be around such an amazing group of designers.


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