Budweiser has made a commitment to be intentional with various cultures. They recognize that while they may have one audience nailed down, it is time for one of the leading beer companies in the world to work with all communities. Small agencies usually don’t get a chance to work with companies like Budweiser. This is not because Budweiser does not want work with them, the reality is that there is a large upfront cost that most small agencies can’t cover. The way that Budweiser’s bank account is setup, their checking account is connected to their banking account and…just kidding. A lot of small design firms can’t cover all the cost upfront. Working with The Heist Agency in Houston allowed J 12 Designs to work on this special project.

Budweiser presented a virtual concert highlighting the culture of Houston and showcasing local music artist. We needed to come up with a concert name and a theme that could have the potential to run into next year. Budweiser had a campaign a while back called “Be A King”. That slogan hit home with the culture of cars and music in Houston. We brought it back and gave it some Texas swag.


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