Environmental Design: My company in Houston, The Heist Agency, is the best at delivering a premium experience. We are called on by big brands like Pepsi, Hennessy and now D’USSÉ to execute on the biggest stage. What’s a bigger stage than the Super Bowl. While Jay Z and Beyonce were on the field during warm ups, The Heist Agency was putting on an activation for D’USSÉ.

What did I do? My job was to design what that experience would look like.  I designed the main bar area with a large neon sign of their amazing slogan “If I D’USSÉ So Myself”. Black footballs with their gold cross logo along with black football helmets with gold face masks line up the top of the bar/locker. I got to also design custom D’USSÉ jerseys that the brand ambassadors wore.

The floor if the activation was a football field complete with numbers and the D’USSÉ logo in both end zones.  VIP guest could also take a picture and have football cards printed on site.


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